Diabetes Youth Care

Board Chair

Elizabeth Bankah

Medical Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Bankah is the new Board Chair of diabetes youth care. She brings her experience of working with adolescents living with chronic diseases in Ghana to support young ones living with diabetes in Ghana. Elizabeth is a family physician working with Greater Accra Regional Hospital. her goal is to strengthen support networks with young people living with diabetes to ensure they meet their fullest potential.

Board Member

Ernest Yorke

Medical Doctor

In my field of work, I have noted the influence of support groups on the people living with chronic diseases. Diabetes in young people has a major impact on the young ones themselves, their families and the community in which they live. DYC is making headway in making a positive impact and I want to help this grow.

Board Member

Maame Adwoa Sam – Brew

Clinical Pharmacist

It is a pleasure to serve on the board of diabetes youth care. This organization serves to increase access to health services amongst young people living with diabetes and theor families. I hope to mentor and help with youth leadership programs to promote the growth and development among these amazing warriors.

Board Member

Marc Dzradosi

Clinical Pharmacist

When I heard about DYC, its mission, vision and contribution to the care of young people living with diabetes in Ghana, I knew I had to be part of it. It is always fulfilling knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of these kids. Thanks to the founder for this initiative. Couldn’t have been a part of a better organization.

Board Member

Yacoba Atiase

Medical Doctor

Diabetes Youth Care is a brilliant initiative, and I am happy to be part of the team. Patient education is critical in diabetes education; therefore, I am particularly interested in the diabetes camps where these young warriors come together to learn, have fun and interact with one another.

Board Member

Georgette B. Sekyi Addo

Business Executive

Living with diabetes in Ghana should not be seen as a hindrance to growth and development. Young warriors should be encouraged to attain their goals and I hope to engage in entrepreneurship programs.

Board Member

Rebecca Panford


DYC has helped young warriors living with diabetes and still supporting them and their families every day. I love that I am able to meet young people from all over the country and work with them through their challenges.

Board Member

Nana Ama Barnes Amoa

Medical Doctor

Seeing strangers volunteering to dedicate their resources to support young people living with diabetes is heartwarming. Also, the joy on their faces of the young ones and their families when the strangers they meet become family due to the common experiences, makes this worthwhile. Diabetes won’t stop them.

Board Member

Owureku Asare

Digital Financial Specialist

Supporting young people living with diabetes in Ghana would goa long way to help the families and the young ones to achieve their dreams. Support them to be independent and contribute to their society.

Board Member

Emefa Dzradosi


I was particularly excited about the fact that its youth centered. I believe young people must be heard and guided. I have read about DYC and I believe it’s a place I really want to be to serve.

President and Board Member

Irene Agyeman

Research Coordinator

I am privileged to be working as the president of DYC and happy to have a place on the decision-making table that is the board of directors. This gives me the opportunity to channel the concerns of my fellow warriors living with Type 1 Diabetes in Ghana. This organization has done a lot for me and I want to give back.


Irene Agyeman

I’m Irene Agyeman and I have been living with diabetes for the past 10yrs. I’m the firstborn of my parents and live with my mum and siblings in Kumasi. My dad passed away 9yrs ago. I’m a graduate and I work at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (MBU) as a Research Coordinator. First of all, I thank the Almighty God for bringing me to this far. Again I thank the coordinators especially Dr Barnes and my predecessors for this opportunity as the President of DYC. It’s my prayer that DYC will move from grace to grace.
Below are a few plans I have for DYC;

1. Create enough awareness nationwide
2. Get GES/GHS to institutionalise activities that include diabetics and also providing the necessary help students may need when in school
3. Solicit for international sponsorships
4. Educate the populace to stop the stigmatisation of persons living with diabetes etc.
With the help of everyone on board, we are going to make this work.
#diabetes won’t stop us#


Issaka Abdulla

My name is ISSAKA ABDULLA, 23 years and have been living with diabetes for the past 12 years. Am a student of Intercom Programming of manufacturing Company at level 100. I have a family of 6 siblings, 4 girls and 2 boys. 2 of them are working and the others are in school. They are the best thing that ever happened to me in life, they are really supportive at all times. I was part of the members DYC started with and this family is in heart that I will make everything possible in the future by bringing everyone together to learn, and have fun during our monthly meetings and camps which can benefit all of us through reminding ourselves to fight this disease and we know diabetes can’t stop us. #DiabetesWontStopUs


Nana Durowaah Oduro Yeboah

My name is NANA DUROWAAH ODURO YEBOAH. I am 19 years of age and have been living with diabetes for 8 years. I am currently in my second year at Baptist University College Pursuing Business Administration. I am from a family of four which includes my father, my mother and my elder sister.

During my tenure of office, I would work in collaboration with other executives to make DYC Ghana bigger, better and known in Ghana and beyond. I would work hand in hand with other executives to maintain the peaceful communication between ourselves and members.


Zipporah Odonkor

My name is ZIPPORAH ODONKOR. I was diagnosed at the 10 years (2011). I’m very confident, friendly, ambitious, optimistic and adaptable person. A proud Ga. I’ll be furthering my education in BA Communication Studies to become one of the greatest journalist and presenter. Other areas of interests are modelling, cosmetology and acting. I will bring my unique vision to the group. I will devise strategies for improving teamwork and communication amongst members and projects. I can bring not only my ideas but my general passion for innovation. I believe I can make a difference here.


Andrews Agyemang

My name is ANDREWS AGYEMANG and I am 25 years of old. I have been a diabetic for 10 years. I am from Ashanti Region and I stay at Dichemso in Kumasi. I am a student of KNUST. I thought I was all alone until I was accepted into this wonderful family. This family thought me a lot and made me feel alive and happier. So if I have been given this opportunity, I have only one mission and my mission is to lead young people with diabetes to this wonderful family to be educated and encouraged never to give up and keep going for there is a brighter future ahead of us. So help me God.


Juliet Anlaminga

My name is JULIET ANLAMINGA, 24 years of age and I have been a diabetic for 10 years now. I come from a family of 6 with my father being a diabetic. I also have 3 siblings and the only diabetic amongst them. I am a nurse and currently having my service.

My plans for DYC as a Dep. Organizing Secretary are as follows;

  • To ensure meetings are effectively organized and minutes recorded
  • To keep and maintain accurate and up to date records of members and reports
  • To make sure members receive all necessary materials and information