Diabetes Youth Care

Our Mission

Diabetes YouthCare provides education and medical support to encourage personal growth, knowledge acquisition and independence.

A support group for young people living with diabetes

A platform to share stories
with the general public

Solicit for support
to Care4One

Educate T1, T2 warriors on nutrition, eye care etc.

Our Target

01. Young people living with diabetes in Ghana under the age of 30 are encouraged to register as full members of the group.

02. Parents and Guardians with children under the age of 30 are also encouraged to register their wards as full members of the group.

03. Health Professionals with clients under the age of 30 living with diabetes are encouraged to register them on this website.

04. If you are older than 30 and living with diabetes you are also encouraged to register as associate members of the group.

05. Anyone who does not meet the criteria as stated above and wishes to join and learn more about diabetes care is encouraged to register and would be enrolled as Friends of DYC.

Benefits of registering:

  • Update on the latest in diabetes management.
  • Access to local cuisines suitable for healthy living.
  • Access to Doctors and other health personnel to answer questions.
  • Guides to health facilities in your locality which offer diabetes care.
  • Networking with other groups who support diabetes care.