Diabetes Youth Care

Personality profile of the month

Diabetes Youth Care 

Dr. Elizabeth Bankah

Place of birth: Cape Coast

Schools attended: University of Ghana Medical School, Accra.

Postgraduate institutions: Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons,  West Africa College of Physicians, University of Ghana School of Public Health.

Station: Adolescent Care Clinic, Department of Family Medicine, Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

Que: Describe yourself in 3-5

Ans: Passionate, friendly and God-fearing

Que: What is your profession, field of speciality and why

Ans: I am a Specialist family physician with a subspecialty in Adolescent medicine.  I love working with Adolescents and young people because they are our future and hold so much promise

Que: What do you love most about yourself

Ans: The ability to encourage others

Que: What were you like in high school

Ans: I was easy-going, loved to dance and liked to study

Que: On a scale of 1-10 rate how weird you are

Ans: I guess I was a bit weird 6/10 because I was a tomboy.  I grew up with 5 brothers and had no sisters so I was basically one of the boys

Que: Your most unusual talent

Ans: I like fixing things eg. Electricals, carpentry.

Que: How would you describe your personal/work life in terms of ratio? Eg. 50/50;30/70, etc

Ans: 45/55

Que: The funniest thing that ever happened to you

Ans: I will have to think about that, there are so many of them

Que: What challenges do you face treating young people living with diabetes

Ans: I do enjoy working with young people living with Diabetes. The challenges I face are as varied as the uniqueness of each warrior.  Some challenges include making healthy dietary choices, not reporting to the hospital on time when there are issues,

Que: How would you react if you’re transformed into a fish

Ans: I hope I would be a dolphin because they are community-minded… Teamwork