Diabetes Youth Care

Care4One - Ruth

Diabetes Youth Care Care4One Project

Improving Ruth's life by making various resources available.

Living with diabetes has challenges both on the individual and family. DYC aims to make sure that the young warriors are able to achieve their fullest potential.

Since living with diabetes sometimes places a financial strain on the family, the Care4One project aims at improving the lives of the young people by making various resources available.

Many young people have benefited from this project and we will highlight 2 warrior stories.

Ruth was diagnosed at the age of 12 years old. Her parents are peasant farmers with 4 other children and find it difficult to make ends meet. At the time of diagnosis, we realized that Ruth was very bright and eager to make things better for herself and her family in spite of the constraints.

She wanted to learn more about diabetes and also further her education and become a nurse.

DYC through donations helped her to complete junior high school and she is currently in senior high school and being supported by the Care4One project.

Ruth has been living with type 1 DM for the past 6 years and is currently enrolled in her 2nd year of senior high school.

It is amazing how much she has grown over the last couple of years and how much she also gives back to support younger warriors living with type 1 dm in Ghana.