Diabetes Youth Care

Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body

17th  November, 2017

Diabetes Youth Care organized its second (2nd) annual camp for 2 days in the Central Region of Ghana (Cape Coast) at the Teachers Hall (GNAT Hall). About a total of 100 warriors and volunteers reported at the camping grounds who lodged in the rooms. Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body Was the Theme for the camp. All warriors gathered at the Teacher’s Hall for the educational sections for the camp where psychologist also came to speak to the warriors, had education on nutrition, had segments where they interact with other to share ideas. Just like the previous camp, all needs were being catered for by DYC with the help of our team (medics and non-medics). An excursion to Kakum National Park was organized for all as a means of entertainment. Free medical supplies were given to all warriors before leaving the camping grounds.